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If your actions inspire others to dream more; learn more, do more and become more. You are a leader...
— John Quincy Adams

As a speaker, it's absolutely vital that you stand out from the crowd. That you speak out to an event organiser's needs, to show that you can deliver an amazing talk whilst keeping an engaged audience.

In order for you to win new business, you need to be able to demonstrate to your future customers who you are, what you speak about and why they need to book you today. Through our Speaker Showreel videography services, you pick the package that most suits your requirements. Whether you want us to craft a showreel from absolute scratch, or you already have the content ready for us to storyboard and edit - ManMade can help produce the Speaker Showreel you need. 

Based in Reading, Berkshire, and with experience of filming speakers and events across the country, we've worked with various speakers to produce showreels using a range of styles. Maybe you want to us to film a Talking Heads video to incorporate into your Speaker Showreel; maybe you want a videographer to attend multiple talks to capture all of your footage from scratch. Or maybe you already have all your footage but need a videographer to piece it all together in a way that makes you stand out. We can help you get the Speaker Showreel that best represents you.

We’ve worked with numerous video production firms over the past 5 years, however ManMade are by far the best! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you use them, they are masters of their profession.
— Lucy Brown (Disability Initiative)

Speaker Packages



Basic requirements:

  • Mix up to 40 minutes of existing video
  • 60 second showreel
  • Perfect for social media & teasers
  • Includes all editing & music licensing
  • 25% off our next Short Talks meeting & next filming project




Everything you'll need:

  • Mix up to 120 minutes of existing video & content
  • 60 second & 120-240 second showreel
  • Perfect for social media, teasers & demos
  • 30 minutes of extra filming of an interview
  • Custom animated logo sting for all your video content
  • Lower thirds, titles & transitions that match your brand
  • Integration of quotes & testimonials
  • Guided storyboard for minimal effort
  • Includes all editing & music licensing
  • Add advanced animation for £250 Extra
  • 25% off our next Short Talks meeting & next filming project




For the advanced:

  • Film your sessions from scratch over 6-12 months
  • Have us gather testimonials for you from the audience
  • 2 filming dates every month
  • Quarterly showreel between 60 and 240 seconds
  • Perfect for creating content all the time
  • Includes all editing and music licensing
  • Custom animated logo sting for all your video content

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